City Side Table

Charcoal Mono and mild steel bar

When I went to school in central London they started cleaning St. Paul's cathedral. Slowly it emerged from a century of London grime; going from blackened stone to pale elegance. I kept those forms and material qualities in mind when designing this.

During the manufacturing process of mild steel a dark grey scale forms on the outside of the bar, I left this on the inside and only ground the exterior to reveal the silvery metal.

foresso conor taylor improv table 1.JPG

Improvised Table 1

Azure Mono, Oak Beam, Oak blocks

Produced for ByHand with Makerversity at TABLE by Spring London.

I had reclaimed this section of oak beam and it had been sitting in the workshop waiting for a good use. When I was asked to provide some surfaces for a showcase of Makerversity members I put together this table using an Azure Mono tile. Once again just responding to my materials and seeing how they work together.

Ivory Duo side table

When I decided to start making some Foresso furniture I found it very easy to get caught up in endless sketching, CAD drafting and obsessing over detail, when I came to actually making the pieces it felt wrong to heavily process my stock of timber to meet a cutting list.

Instead, I laid out the materials I wanted to use and just started responding to them, resulting in this side table.

Walnut bench with Foresso feet

I found these beautiful planks in amongst a pallet full of strange walnut pieces and waney edged blocks that were used for another project. I wanted to do a minimum of cutting and planing to not waste any of the timber. 

Chips were made from the few offcuts and I then cast the Foresso feet directly around the legs so that they are integral to the bench.