A new material designed to be practical and versatile. Each colourway in the collection tells the story of my experiences in London.

Bianco Mono - 2400x1200mm - London Plane

In 1963 my great-grandmother moved to London from Cyprus to be closer to her daughter who had moved to the city in the late 50s. She bought a flat in Holland Park when it was still an area full of tradesmen and immigrant workers.

Now the generous terraces in wide, leafy streets are highly desirable and frequently renovated in white, it seemed fitting to me to use London Plane timber in a white binder. The complex and intensely detailed woodgrain of these Victorian trees give way to the clean and modern surface.


Charcoal Mono - 2400x1200mm - Walnut

During the early 90s my father owned a club in Soho, so I have many childhood memories sat on the bar of dark interiors playing with straws or being fascinated by the dumb waiter. I wanted to pay homage to these quiet spaces and hidden rooms that can still be found in Soho today with a classic combination of Walnut and near-black.

The pieces of timber that I use are often from the edge of trees and full of beautiful knots and burr which give the surface a delicious richness.

Azure Mono - 2400x1200mm - Oak

When I returned to the city from art school I moved to Dalston and got involved with as many different workshops, artists, designers and makers as possible while sketching and absorbing everything the city had to offer.

When I incorporated my company I was still living there and the combination of reverence for old industrial spaces alongside continuous energy and development really rubbed off on me. The oak blocks used for this are often huge old things with cracks and hidden oddities running through them. I felt that it was right to use these almost industrial pieces in a deceptively vibrant blue.

Ivory Duo - 2400x1200mm - Walnut & Cedar of Lebanon

While developing Foresso I travelled through Bond Street station each day to go to a workshop in New Cross. In the station there is a classic stone terrazzo with loud black and red chips which seem to reflect the art-deco glamour of Mayfair and the West End so well.

Looking at it each day would take me back to eating ice-cream with my grandfather in Fortnum & Mason's, a place that - like the station's terrazzo - combines quiet sophistication with glitz.

Unfortunately there is no red coloured timber that grows in Britain, but the lovely orange hues and striped grain in Cedar of Lebanon fit the bill perfectly while the Walnut chips add that dark pop to the surface. When it gets sanded the workshop fills with the beautiful sweet smell of Cedar.


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Photography by Luke A. Walker
Art direction by Conor Taylor

All timber is FSC certified and sourced within Britain.

For samples, bespoke options, technical details and orders please contact - Solomon & Wucontact@solomonandwu.com